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From 2015 till now we have been on a mission to empower companies through technology while also changing the way businesses work together with their tech partner when launching a product.

It has been a journey of ups and down and continuous improvement but we are proud of the agency we became, the partners we made and the clients we helped.


Shoutout to our Friends!

“The most impressive I think is how they can communicate with the buyer. They were all available throughout the day and night, i had direct contact with them, we had instant replies, and they had a solution right away for every problem. Most of the bugs were fixed in the same hour that i reported them.”
Vlad Popovici
CEO - Mingo


“Neo Vision cares about the business and their customers. We can see it in how they pay attention to how we do things. The team gives great feedback and delivers what they promise.”
Eduard Burghelia
CEO - Confidas

“We had the best experience possible with Neo Vision, as they developed our software product beyond expectations. We are now more than customers, we are friends. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone willing to develop something fast, reliable and at a fair price!”
Andrei Cristian Tataru

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